28 November 2012

The Prologue:

How the adventure began....

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  1. What more could a writer wish for. A wonderful farm. I wish you all the best.

  2. All the very best for you in your new life. Seize this chance with all the strength you have.

    That's what we did.


  3. Lovely! I also think that the English countryside would be idyllic. My dream is to visit again one day and see some of the places famous for literary authors, i.e. the Lake District and see more of the beautiful countryside which you describe so well in your post. My best wishes to you!

  4. You already know my thoughts on this spectacular windfall and the stunning place that will be your new home very soon!!! But I love the idea of this blog and I cannot wait to read more about the adventure and see more photos of the farm!!! I'm so very thrilled for you guys!!!!

  5. Thank you everyone - apologies for the late reply - I didn't realise anyone had left any comments .... doh :-/


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