28 December 2013

The Hens - my Girls!

28th December 2013

The hens have at last ventured outside their henhouse into their run! 
What brave girls! 

Hen no 1 is the first to brave the Outdoors World of the Run...
while No 2 looks out...
and joins her sister hen.
No 3 joins them...while 4 thinks about it

and  takes position on the runway...
...getting ready for take-off

no 5 plucks up courage....
enticed by Ron & Baz feeding the other hens nice fresh worms

Finally no 6 taxies to the runway....
and we have Lift Off!

Christmas 2013


The Tree

Cosy Inglennook and log burner

Ron and Baz

Santa has called....

our sitting room

....and out

The Christmas Day Ride

The Exmoor - duly christmas decked!

Mal tacks Lexie up
getting ready in the yard

Christmas Kathy

Mal on Lexie
Rachel on Ruby
Kathy on Squidge
Sarah on Brin
are we all set?

then off we go....

... up the lane....
... into the village.

Boxing Day.... 

Adam's turn to ride

 .... and the only place to ride to....
our local - The Exeter Inn!

where Squidge enjoys an ashtray full of Guiness!

Happy Christmas everyone!