13 December 2015

Damien the Rescued Pheasant

update on the pheasants we rescued back in the summer....

Then.... (July 2015)

and Now... (13th Dec 2015)

The pheasants have learnt if they tap on the patio door they get something to eat!

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[Sings...] "'Twas Early One Morning As I Was..."

A roe deer in our lane - photos son-in-law Adam on his way to work at some unmentionable hour of the morning...

she eventually popped over the gate into our top field (where we grow the hay). Fortunately the deer are safe in our lane - a long way from the main road (about 1 mile) and no other passing cars or poachers!

10th December 2015

03 December 2015

Phat Pheasants

No idea how this little lady of ours (one of the baby pheasants we rescued)
actually manages to fly!

Dec 3rd 2015

02 December 2015

The Ash Tree

Sadly we are going to have to take one of our ash trees down. The good thing will be that some of our lovely view towards the Taw Valley  will be opened up a bit

must add - the tree is smothered in ivy with bits breaking off every time we get a high westerly wind, and is in danger of it all coming down.

I'd rather have it down at our safe convenience rather than the wind toppling it in the wrong direction in the middle of a storm! No problem with another ash a few yards away - that's fit and healthy!

 * * *

and as I have them.... a couple of photos of the Goose and ducks grazing in the orchard

Nov. 2015