Welcome to the World Little Man....

Taw River Dracarys - a grand name for our new little chap!
(click here for videos)

Born in the bottom field at 4.45pm on Friday 13th April 2018

In the safety of his stable - time for a nap (it's been a tiring afternoon)

One Day Old.... April 14th

Two Days Old... April 15th

15th April continued.....

saying hello to Eddie
saying hello to Uncle Ashley

16th January 2018 - Three days old....

well... we wanted a showjumper!

click here for the foal at Two Weeks old



  1. Wow! I had no idea that they could run so soon. What a lovely little chap, and he loves his Mum! Congratulations to all concerned!!!

    1. Yes foals are up and able to run withing 30 minutes or so - natural protection from when they were wild animals. Deer, etc are the same. (A couple more pics have been added by the way)

  2. Inge H. Borg8:08 pm

    What a little jumper already. Just too bad he was born too late to be on your "Escaped to the Country" TV segment. Such a lovely little chap. Thanks for sharing his young life with us.

    1. Yes he would have been the star of the show!

  3. Congrats on the new Baby Boy! Just look at those legs! Momma looks pretty proud, too. Bright Blessings and Wonderful Adventures await. <3

    1. Thank you Jax - he's now just over a week old and already growing big!

  4. If I'd been born with long legs like his, I could have made a much better living ... Oh, wait. That would likely have required me wearing a fur coat and peals as well... So, let's just leave it at eternal hope for recognition as a writer of historical fiction.


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