05 May 2015


Well, I did it I'm a....

So what are my thoughts?

I decided to have a central theme (my home in Devon) but to have very different posts each day - from K for Chimney Kings  to Y for Yellow

About a week into the challenge I started wondering "Why are you doing this?" It all took so much time - and as I explained in T for TimeyWimey Stuff time is something I'm short of. (It's OK for the Doctor he can hop about through time - I only have the bog-standard 24 hours in which to get everything done.)

But then I got into my stride and used scheduling to the best advantage - I wrote selveral posts, scheduled them for 2.30 a.m to catch the Australian or late Californian 'market' and started enjoying myself!

I notice the first few posts grabbed the most attention, along with the extra specials : M for Moorland Mousie (about Exmoor ponies and I sneaked Poldark in....) was the highest attraction (hmm was that for the Pony or Poldark?)

...Poldark - Pony :)

spot the likeness.....

G for ghosts went well
P for Puppy was one of the most popular

and C for Cider With Rosie (and Cats) caught a lot of visitor's interest

  • I had 5752 pageviews and hopefully I've collected a few new regular visitors.
  • Most visitors came via Facebook (very few through Twitter)
  • My regret was that I didn't have much spare time to visit many other Blog Challenger's posts. I set out to visit 100 a day - soon gave up.
  • However, if bloggers have used direct links (as I have) I now have all year to drop in and out of new blogs and new adventures.
  • I hope new visitors do so with my blog as well!
  • Will I do it again
  • YES!

But I think I'll prepare earlier and keep the diversity - visitors seemed to enjoy the different articles, something new each day.

Next year's theme?

 I might have fun with Pirates!

If you would like to follow my challenge
 you can start 
here with A for....

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