27 July 2013

New Residents

Take a look at what is now living in a pen with a paddling pool pond  (and cute little wooden house) near the stable yard:

No names yet, beyond Ducky Duck, Lucky Duck, Mucky Duck and Plucky Duck - although Kathy calls them Leonard, Penny, Howard and Sheldon after a certain Big Bang Theory TV show.

25 July 2013

The Bees Knees

I am somewhat chuffed today - I saved a bee's life!

 This morning I found a bee on the edge of the bath in the bathroom (well yes, OK, where else would you have a bath?) 

The landing - bathroom is to the left
I slipped a piece of paper under the bee and put it out on the windowsill - it looked pretty lifeless though.
Went to get my slippers and dressing gown from the bedroom

.... bee was still there, very still on the sill, so I assued it was dead. I decided to take it into the garden so I could put the little corpse among the flowers - gave it a poke to push it off the card - and it feebly buzzed - it was still alive!

Ok, think. What do to.

I remembered one of the questions and answers on the popular TV show QI hosted by that lovely man,  Stephen Fry :
"What do you do to revive a poorly bee?"
Answer: give it some honey.

So I ran for the honey, put a tiny bit on a spoon & spread it in front of the bee - and the dear little creature started feeding! I dribbled a couple of drops of water near it as well and set the cardboard down in the middle of the lavender bush - and a minute later - the bee spread her wings and flew away!

I know, I'm a ninny. It is probably very daft and completely over the top with emotion but I stood there in my beautiful garden at 9 o'clock in the morning, still in my nightie & dressing gown, and had a little cry.

Completely unrelated - but this is my first attempt at a corn dolly. Well, a hay dolly. 
My own good luck charm hanging inside the front door - made from our first cut of hay.

July in the Garden

a few photos of various flowers, plants and trees...

Dog roses round the shed and back gate

another clematis

Fruit - no idea what type! (apples?)
more fruit - no idea what this is either!
the Silver Birch

white things LOL
wild roses cover the hedge
anyone any idea what this flower
by the patio doors is?

I THINK this is Montbretia?
Don't know what the yellow flowers are though

BUT THIS......

Is a chocolate and strawberry gateaux that Kathy made.
It didn't last long....

24th July

Devon has been baking under the sun these last few weeks - a bit of a worry as our only supply of water is from our own well (hope to take some photos of inside the well when I can figure out how to get the flash working!) 

Ding Dong Dell...
Puss is not in the well
but is sensibly waiting
by the garden tap!
We were down to three feet of water the other day, but with a bit of rain last night it is up to four feet now. 
The well is about 6 feet circumference though - so anyone know how to work out how much water is down there? Several gallons I guess!

A bit of a parched garden!

Everywhere is looking a bit baked - although it seems other places in England have been experiencing thunder and hail storms - not us. It is raining (a bit) today though, and at last it's not so hot.

We've had the construction workers  in these last 10 days, putting in our menage - full report to follow when it is done, but here's a taster from the first day....

Main worry (apart from the drying up water) is that Jasper is lame. Something spooked the horses a few days ago - possibly one of the dinosaur-sized hornets that are around here - and all three  horses got out the field by jumping the gate (yep, a five-barred gate) including the pony!
Result a broken gate and a lame horse.
Thankfully, after several vet visits it seems the damage is minimal and he should be OK after some box rest.

Jasper grazing in the back garden

Baz has also been enjoying himself in the garden ....

Playing hide and seek

.... as well as playing with Sybil - at last they seem to be friends, although Mab, my other cat, has decided she wants to camp out while the weather is hot.
She comes in for her tea then goes off again to wherever it is that she's set up camp.

Sybil is playing "can't see me!"

04 July 2013

Riding round the Lanes

Kathy and Adam went for a ride round the lanes near us. Adam is only learning (doing well) so he feels safer on the pony. It's nearer the ground!

Jasper's ears!

The view from our lane
(on the other side of that ridge you can see Exmoor)

our house is sort of down in that dip behind the 2nd big tree on the left

01 July 2013

Side Saddle Show - near Okehampton

last day of June saw us at the Area 14 Side Saddle Show - lovely day, but let's face it, with  a view like that (of Dartmoor) as a backdrop, could it have been anything else?

The horses and riders were pretty cool too! :-)

and the photos speak for themselves....

Jumping Class

Historical Costume

Lexie, Kathy & me

and the fun class - carry a glass of water at walk, trot and canter - without spilling any.
Kathy came second - having only spilt half the contents!

most of the ladies did this class without the side saddle apron on - not wanting to get too drenched!