15 January 2013

15th January 2013

Up early as the refuse men  arrived early - obviously took note of my alert that the road will be blocked later by the removal van. Also up because I was in bed worrying because I couldn't remember where I had put the phone number for the electric/gas provider. Found it in the place it was meant to be - in my Wanted on last day important stuff box.
Now, has anyone any suggestions as to where the little keys for the house windows are? They have been in the kitchen drawer for 7 years... Not there now :-/ 
Breakfast time now-then the Big Pack! 

13 January 2013

Last entry from Walthamstow

14th January 2013

Well everything we want to take from the garden is potted up, the pigeon loft has been taken down, the tool shed cleared - ornaments and books are all dusted - 
and I have thrown out a lot of stuff.

We now await the removal men to come and pack - and then off we go to Devon. There has been a slight change of plan as snow is expected in the South, so the vendors are moving out a day early - which means we could move in a day early. Except we can't change our booked timings with Pickfords Removals.
Oh well, fingers crossed we don't get snowed out

Tuesday-Wednesday 15-16th January : removal men start packing everything up.
Thursday 17th January: Completion Day. Removal Vans travel to Exeter. We Leave Walthamstow bound for the High Bullen Hotel at Chittlehamholt, Devon

Friday 18th January: Move-in Day

I will have no internet access, so next time you hear from me I will be moved and getting settled in!

see you all soon

04 January 2013

So much to do!

4th January 2013

Bedding ordered for the horses - to be delivered to Windfall Farm. Must always remember to tell delivery people that it is a small lane so non-HGV ONLY.

Hotel for the last night here in London booked. (Didn't fancy sleeping on the floor)

Cattery for the cats booked. They'll hate it, but they will also hate being shut in a room, strange men in the house & the furniture walking about.

Hotel booked in Devon for the night previous to moving in.

Driver for the horsebox arranged (Kathy is to come down a day later with the neds - and cats)

New home arranged for the fish and the hens. We decided it would be less stressful to find the hens a home here in London, especially as we are not sure if there is anywhere secure from foxes to house them in Devon. I will get new Girls as soon as possible though - couldn't go back to shop-bought eggs now we've had our own!

Bought Kathy her bedroom furniture yesterday from Ikea (well she likes the place....) wardrobe, chest of drawers Futon settee bed for her designated sitting room - seemed a bit hard on the old bum to me, but I guess its softer than a horse!

I had intended to look at bookshelves as well, never got a chance.
 Still, I suppose they do have furniture shops in Devon....

03 January 2013

Getting Ready to Go

3rd January 2013

Christmas and the New Year has gone -seemed very strange having our last one in our Walthamstow house - our first one  was also spent in a mild state of chaos as we had only just moved in.

 I remember we had to go out and buy a roasting tin on Christmas Eve because our old one was still packed in a box somewhere.

We had some odd presents this year: Ron had a kettle, I got a toaster and Kathy got a pizza board - all for the new house.

I sorted out my wardrobe and chest of drawers today. Threw out all of one skirt and two t-shirts (that made such a lot more room! Not.)

Tomorrow I will start on the kitchen cupboards - unless it's a nice day, in which case the greenhouse gets sorted. At the moment we have more pots of plants than furniture.

Do I really need to take the pots of foxgloves and the Herb Robert -which can either be looked at as a wild flower or a weed.... ?  (comment 1st October 2013: and of which there is MORE than plenty already here in Devon! :-)