A Belated Update - January 2021

 one of my husband's friends has complained that I haven't updated anything recently.

Quite right .... here you go...

the hens
(Nov 2020)

one very muddy Exmoor
(Nov 2020)

our newest horse: Rita
(Nov 2020)

looks like Rita can jump!

The awning on the patio died
final straw for it was a storm just
before Christmas.
I shared some lovely outdoors socially distanced
tea and cake afternoons with friends here!

Elfie in her elf costume!


Saffy - somewhere under all that mud
is her star on her forehead!

Jan 1st 2021
Happy New Year folks!

Another new arrival

A GIRL!!!  We've called her Phoenix!
Born May 19th 2020

The queue to see the foal

8th June 2020
Phoenix is finding her independence!

23rd March 2020

We're all in self-isolation - quite pleasant when the sun shines!

My mother's Day gift yesterday was a lovely bunch of daffodils. Picked from the lane! (well why not)

Have you ever wondered why there are 
so many daffs in the hedgerows 
and banks in rural areas? 

No it isn't that there have been a lot of road traffic accidents and bulbs have been planted as a memorial.

It relates back to WWII.

Many farms grew daffs for the floral markets and sent them by train to Covent Garden etc. When land had to be dug over and planted with food crops during WWII the daffodil bulbs all had to be ploughed up.

Many farmers, instead of destroying the bulbs merely scattered them along the hedgerows or in woodlands. 

And the daffs' 'offspring' are still there.

This is Lexie and our daffs on our bank in the lane. They look gorgeous. (Well they did... *laugh*)

Stay Safe!


29th November 2019

The Latest Member of our Family ....  
9 weeks old Patterdale Terrier / Jack Russel cross


Playing with Eddie

19th December

12 weeks old... A bit poorly
Upset tummy :-(

     as right as ninepence now though!


a well-known Devon Custom....