15 April 2018

Welcome to the World Little Man....

Taw River Dracarys - a grand name for our new little chap!

Born in the bottom field at 4.45pm on Friday 13th April 2018

In the safety of his stable - time for a nap (it's been a tiring afternoon)

One Day Old.... April 14th

Two Days Old... April 15th

15th April continued.....

saying hello to Eddie
saying hello to Uncle Ashley

16th January 2018 - Three days old....

well... we wanted a showjumper!

more to come - call back soon!


19 March 2018

Snow Ponies!

March 2018

Snow! Snow Snow!

MARCH 19th 2018

First, we had The Beast from the East (with the Vest from the West much in need!) then we had the 'Mini Beast from the East' .... which turned out to be more of a monster than its Big Brother!