05 October 2018

The Flying Scotsman 60103 comes through Devon

October 4th 2018
at about 5.25pm somewhere not far from Tiverton on her way to Penzance

double headed with Black 5 The Jacobite 44871

I've waited 40 or so years to see this....!

09 August 2018

Updating some photos! Village Show and Rain! 2018

Desperately needing rain - July/August

when it came, alas it didn't last long

* * *

 Village Dog Show
28th July 2018

* * * 

Enjoying lunch at the Launceston Show
(phew was the weather hot!)

28 April 2018

Franc the Foal - two weeks old

Registered name: Taw River Dracarys
but stable name....

Frank as in Franc
because his mum is French!

(click here for videos)