17 September 2015


as an addition to my post earlier today about the sun on them thar hills (link here)
how's this for a sunrise!

Photos Adam Blee, son-in-law on the way to work 7 a.m.17th September 2015

Looks like the sky was on fire doesn't it?

It's Raining Here But...

...  sunny over there....

distance view from our veranda to the 'far hills'
Very Wet Veranda - but lovely view
and the sun on the hills in close-up

don't think I'll be sitting out for afternoon tea though :-)
 and ten minutes later.... sun has gone, far hills are a dull grey and yes... its raining again. :-(

15 September 2015

Morning Mist

These were taken about a month ago (August) 
It was a lovley morning, about 8 o'clock. The mist was gradually sinking back into the valley and the sun was illuminating the hills.

This is a distance shot from outside
my kitchen overlooking the orchard.
Look between the silverbirch on the right
and that first 'dip' in the top line of the trees
close up you can see the tree
along the far ridge
as the mist clears
more trees and hedges appear
these were all taken about
1 minute apart

01 September 2015

It was THIS Big...

BankHoliday Monday, Ron took a few hours off from watching westerns on TV (he does love his westerns) to go fishing with our good friend Chris.

This is one of the results.

(photo by Chris Marren)

Not our dinner though - it had to go back .... :-(