28 October 2013

Stormy Weather

28th October 2013
We battened down the hatches on Sunday evening, aware that the forecasts were giving warning of a potentially damaging storm. Our preparations included moving the horsebox away from its usual parking place under the Field Maple, charging up the torches and filling several jugs and the bath (for flushing the loo)  with water - this because if the power goes off the filter pump from the well shuts down (though we could draw water from the well with a bucket, it would all have to be boiled though).

Stormy Clouds - and a Rainbow over the Taw Valley
The storm hit at about 3.20 a.m. with the sound of pouring rain and a high wind waking me up. I lay listening and the wind grew stronger and louder, whooshing down the valley and roaring through the trees.

I heard something metallic clatter (turned out to be the step ladders blowing over) and I heard a branch snap. More gusts. I got up looked out the windows (couldn't see a thing, it was too dark) went downstairts, met a cup of tea. Adam was up - he & Kathy were OK. No alarming sounds from up the stable-yard, so we guessed all was OK up there.
No idea how or when the storm cleared off - I fell asleep straight away when I got back to bed and didn't wake up again until about 7.30.

No damage to report, apart from quite a few branches and leaves down, and every so often there's a gust of wind and s downpour of rain, which quickly clears...

Bright skies between the black clouds

.... it rains again ....

... and then this over the back garden!

To see a rainbow, you must have the rain.

21 October 2013

Autumn Apples In the Orchard

And then there were windfalls.... and a good way to pick them all up....

Squidgy the Exmoor does some work (if you can call eating windfall apples work.... 

Except, he then found the bin where Ron keeps the bird seed - which, apparently, is far tastier than manky apples!

Perhaps we should have called him Scrumpy, not Squidgy!

20 October 2013

Misty Mornings

Autumn is galloping in along the Taw Valley, bringing a subtle change to the trees and deep mists of a morning - some mornings I wake up and the valley has entirely disappeared, then as the sun gets stronger it is like a concealing veil is being slowly lifted to reveal the glories of th russets, golds and brown of October colour.

 The front garden, in particular, has been magical

after the mist - the garden is revealed:

a beautiful sky