28 June 2013

Let's Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Well we got the hay cut, turned, dried, baled and stored before the rain came - just! It started a light drizzle as we were collecting in the last bales, then started raining in earnest as the last ones were being hoisted into the hay loft above the dairy.
We loaded and stored 400 bales of beautiful meadow hay. The smell is GORGEOUS!

so here are the photos : (Images marked * have been added after the original post - taken on a different camera so only just uploaded!)

 Are we ready for hay-making yet?

walking up to the Top Field
through Middle Field
Top Field  (the Hay Meadow) from Middle Field 

Baz inspecting the growing grass - the hay

meadow hay

The Top Field gate from the top of the lane

The Hay Meadow of an evening

Cutting the hay

* cutting the hay
(Andrew on his Big Red Tractor :-) 
Cut and drying:
the hay cut and drying in the sun

Turning the hay:
turning the hay

More drying in the sun: 
ready for baling 
Ron inspecting the hay - hoping it doesn't rain!

The field from the top gate
Foxgloves in the lane

ready for baling....?
where'd the grass go?
YES! A-baling we will go!

* the hay being baled

And now the bringing in, Stacking & Storing!

* Phew! Hot work!
* First load stored & off up the hill for the next load

 * bales waiting to be collected

* Bit of a breather!

* Off we go again!

* 2 full loads

*... and down the lane.... just as the rain starts!
The last load 
storing the last load in the hay loft
as it starts to rain fairly heavily
The Hay Barn....

The dairy.....
...the inside  ('downstairs'.... full of hay
and the hay loft above... full of hay!

Can we go in now? I'm getting wet & I want my dinner :-(

Phew- 400 bales, all safely stored for the winter! 
Harvest Home! 

A Walk up the Lane in June

wild roses