28 July 2014

The Pond

We had an old (empty) coal bunker in the front garden, half of which had been filled in as garden - but the shrub had died, so we took it out, removed the earth, knocked down the dividing wall, added a good strong pond liner.... and hey presto... a pond.... complete with fish (although tiny at the moment!)

July 28th 2014

22 July 2014

As If We Haven't Enough of the REAL Thing...

we now also have a side saddles in miniature!

Kathy's Rocking Horse is only about 2ft high - the saddle was actually made for one of those larger wooden horses - but doesn't Mushroom look cute!

To give you an idea of the size

The saddle is made to 1/10th scale and is perfect in every detail

and a bridle - also in perfect detail

the saddle is complete with girth and balance strap!
There are only THREE of these particular saddles in existence - all made here in Devon. 
One was (I believe) presented to the Queen, and we have the other two. 

for ornamental decoration only on a rocking horse

20 July 2014

14 July 2014

Wonderful Weekend With...

...the Chooks....

And Baz..

(and most people keep the car in the garage. We store the extra hay!)

 front garden - and the Evening Primroses