25 March 2014

A sunny afternoon in the Orchard

25th March 2014
Lovely day here in Devon, although the wind is a bit chilly.

Baz & I went out into the orchard to take a photo of the Thingies (above) (Hostas???) and the Daffodils.

And we got waylaid by the hens!

(well it was a lovely day! By the time I came in, had a cuppa & piece of homemade Kathy-Cake and answered a few e-mails - the sky had clouded over & it is now chucking it down outside. :-( 

15 March 2014

An Adventure with a sheep...

...and March in the Woods  (14th March 2014)

Ewe lookin' at me?
There was a heavily pregnant (with twins) ewe in our lane. She shouldn't have been in the lane, she should have been in her field.

Bit of a job getting her back - Adam, Kathy, me and the farmer, because said ewe preferred to be in the lane.

We convinced her eventually that she really would be better off with her companions!

Hey ho - life is full of fun here in Devon!" (Ha! Didn't get this sort of thing in London!)

and here are a couple of photos from my walk in the woods on Thursday (13th March)

Ron's pointing at an orchid that is starting to elbow its waythrough the primroses

Top Field Gate

This is the outside of my West Windo in my study - note the primroses!

and back home for a cuppa!

13 March 2014

Devon Wedding - Official Photos #1

More photos coming soon, but here are a few of the 
officially released ones!
(not in any organised order - sorry!)

Kathy arranged the flower baskets (& her boquet) herself
the roses are made of  thin wood!
Let the bride eat cake! 

and.... ta-da....
my outfit

 and my HAT!

08 March 2014

The Chickens and the Other Gardener...

8th March 2014

Lovely day today - the sun is shining, though it is still a bit chilly in the shadows and the wind has a bit of a nip to it - still, it's time the garden was attended to...

so Ron's turn to do some gardening - inevitably helped by the Girls! LOL

03 March 2014

Devon Wedding - Adam Blee & Kathy Hollick (family photos)

The heading line will be the last time I write my daughter's name as Hollick - she is now Mrs Adam Blee.

And Adam is the son-in-law any Mum would wish for!

Chloe, Adam, Kathy, Sam
Rather than rabbit on - apart from saying thank you to Maid of Honour Sam, Bridesmaid Chloe, Best Man Rob, the two Witnesses, Matt and Mal - and to the official photographer, the Violinist Paul, the entertainers  the Magician and the Caricaturist,, the DJ, and all the wonderful staff at Northcote Manor - I'll share the day in photographs - only a few at the moment, but I'll add more during this next week as friends send them, so call back often!

(Official photos will be with us in about a week - after Adam & Kathy are back from Honeymoon)

These were on Facebook, taken by various friends (apologies for not good quality, most were taken on mobile phones)

The Venue - Northcote Manor, Devon

Kathy and Caroline
Place Setting for the Wedding Breakfast
Listening to the Best Man's speech
The Best Man making his speech! :-)
First Dance

These few were taken by Adam's sister, Michelle:

Adam's Dad, Jeff; Me, Kathy, Adam, Adam's Mum, Marcia, Ron Kathy's Dad