27 October 2015

The Boys on the Beach

We took the two dogs to the beach last Sunday. Bit of a job as Baz is terrified of the car (and always up-chucks in the back) but we put lots of towels and waterproof mats down, so no big deal.

Eddie decided he didn't like the car either... but changed his mind when we got there!

Pics say it all best!



Update on the Pheasants

Well, the four pheasants that we rescued have survived, grown up and flown the nest.

We plucked up courage to open their pen - and off they went into the Big Wide World.

Although not quite. They know where it's safe and warm so they come home of an evening!

I doubt this will last - apart from finding mates and being wild, there are all the dangers of traffic in the roads (which is the reason for their mum being killed) pheasant shoots, foxes etc.

We've done our best though.So let's just hope they keep safe!

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