22 December 2012

All the Extra bits...

I've been looking around for all the new extra bits we will need..... like new pots and pans for the Redfyre Range (no use using our present rather flimsy gas-cooker saucepans!) We will also need new furniture - an extra guest bedroom to furnish for one thing.

Ron has been busy in the garden potting up some of the plants we intend to take with us. (We don't have to leave them as this is a rented flat - the landlord will come & cut everything down anyway when we've gone. Such a waste.
Anyone want a greenhouse?

18 December 2012

Next Phase Completed

phew. more mileposts passed. We've exchanged contracts, arranged insurance, got a completion date.
The removal company has given a quote - we're going to use Pickfords and their packing service.
What didn't dawn on me, packing and moving doesn't all happen in one day. One and a half days to pack up. One to travel, one and a half to unpack. Complicated by the fact that at the Devon end we will have to use a smaller van to transfer everything from the bigger lorry on account of our new home is up a narrow lane. Pickfords seem to know what they are doing though.

I was surprised that the (very nice) man who came to assess what we had that needed moving said "You have rather a lot of stuff for such a small house". I didn't think we had much, but on reflection, hmm, yes, perhaps we do have a lot of toot!

Anyway, removal is organised.

I have spent today sorting out all the change of addresses. The over the phone or simple on line changes are easy-peasy, for the rest, I've written letters. So I think that is all done.

According to BT it should be a simple switch-over for the telephone number & broadband as we've elected to keep the phone number already registered to the house.... but this is BT we are talking about.... (for overseas: BT = British |Telecom)

I've also been enjoying myself ordering a few things from e-bay. We'll need new cooking equipment seeing as we'll now have an oil-fired range to cook on (a Redfyre - like an Aga, but different)

Our new kitchen - that's the Redfyre Range on the right
 LOL - I've informed the family that I'm not getting odds and ends for Christmas, just things we will be needing. This also applied to Ron's recent birthday. He had a kettle. A lovely red one for us to use on the Redfyre.

So all of you who want to pop by for a coffee once we're settled - you're OK! We've got a kettle!