08 February 2013

The Big Move

Wednesday 16th January 2013 - Walthamstow, London
(these posts are  backdated - sorry for the delay in writing my diary!))

Moving day.
From yesterday we have been watching the removal men from Pickfords pack up our home into various-sized cardboard boxes.

The cats went off to the cattery on Monday evening - I miss them terribly, but they will be safe there.

Now Ron and I are sitting on the floor in an empty house waiting for a clearance company to come and remove the pile of stuff that needs to be cleared from the front garden (all the old toot we don't want to take with us.)

We are sitting on the floor because the removal men have finished, everything is packed and the house is empty.

All we have to do is shut the front door and post the keys to the landlord.

Tonight we are staying in a hotel in Chingford - we thought we'd better stay in London in case the removal men needed Thursday morning to pack the last few things.

So, goodbye Walthamstow. I'll not miss you

Thursday 17th January - Chingford, London

The Ridgeway Hotel, Chingford...

I do NOT recommend it!

The bathroom was as cold as a freezer - no heating in it at all, and it was the size of a cupboard.
Breakfast was 5 items only - 1 egg, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages.

With relief, Ron and I packed the car, made sure Rum the dog was comfy in the back and set off for Devon and our new home.

No regrets at leaving London behind.

Friday 18th January - Devon

Woke up at High Bullen Hotel, Chittlehamholt to find snow.
Lots of it.

High Bullen Hotel
Very pretty - but we are supposed to be moving into our new home!

The hotel was short staffed because of the snow, so we were invited to breakfast with the previous owners, Martin & Jane, who lived on site ... lovely people.

Phone call from Mick, the gaffer of our removal men.... he wasn't sure if they could get the lorry to us. We decided to wait until 9.30 for an update

We also decided that we would stay an extra night at High Bullen just in case we couldn't get any furniture into the new house!
Our hosts Martin & Jane kindly invited us to dinner with them , so at least we knew we would have a hot meal at the end of the day!


10 a.m.

The removal men managed to get through! Huzzah!

They parked the big lorry ( a huge pantechnicon) in the village and transferred everything into a smaller lorry - we now live down a narrow lane, big vechicles would get stuck!

The men were fantastic (thank you guys!) working so hard to  get as much in as they could in case the weather should be even worse tomorrow.

Ron and I were glad we had decided to stay another night at the hotel, though, as our new home was very cold because of having all the doors open!

Dinner with Martin and Jane - cooked by chef Bruce was fabulous, although I felt a right scruff in my old clothes (didn't have anything posh available!)

Both of us were out like a light when we got to bed! (and a very comfy bed at that!)

Saturday 19th January

a bit of a sad day for me as this was the anniversary of my Dad passing away - still, I was sure he was with me and smiling as the Pickfords removal men delivered the last three loads of our home.

We are now moved in - although surrounded by piles of cardboard boxes and chaos

The heating is on and warming the place up, our bed is made - and we have cups, cutlery, plates and food, because Eainsbury's managed to get here with the shopping order I had put in.

The one sad thing - Kathy is not going to bring the horses down today as planned - it would be silly to attempt it in this snow.

Her fantastic boyfriend, Adam, though, is looking after her, and settled her into a hotel.

So its down to me, Ron & Rum the dog to unpack & turn the empty shell of Windfall Farm into "Home".

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