Sunday 20th January

(diary entry - post backdated)

Time to take breath and survey the estate!

It is absolutely gorgeous here - despite the snow! (entry refers to 18-20th January)

In fact, this is the first time I have actually enjoyed snow for many a year.

Ron and I went for a walk up OUR lane and across OUR field in the snow.


Snow drops are in the lane, and a few primroses. The view from our bedroom windows is fantastic.... oh it is SO lovely being here!

(miss my cats, daughter, and the horses though :-)
so herare some photos! Enjoy!

our house
back garden

from my bedroom window (facing north)

bedroom window (facing south)

Ron and Rum in our lane

South aspect from the front garden

Ron and Rum in the back garden

you can just see the snowdrops

Steps in the front garden

me - leaning on the gate to Top Field

From my bedroom window - the Taw Valley & the back garden!

our well (our own water supply!)

sitting room 

me and Rum in Bottom Field

The Taw Valley from Bottom Field

Front Door

The house from the drive & our front gate!

another view from my bedroom

the Orchard

The Gate - which I lean on!
Scroll down to the diary entry for the Big Move  (my diary for the move from London to Devon)

(Next instalment due tomorrow!)


  1. Congratulations Helen! What a simply Marvellous house and property! It is really a lovely cozy home! I am so pleased you are finally settled and now able to enjoy it! Well Done! I'm jealous! ;D The pictures are beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Carole Freeman

  2. WOW! Real picture-book stuff! What an exciting adventure your new home will be!

  3. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Getting all teary looking at your pictures...its all so beautiful and so absolutely perfect for you and Ron! Nobody deserves such happiness as you two...Enjoy every season, only when you have seen them all in your new house will it feel truly yours! Love and much huggage

    Raven xxxx

  4. Yolanda Hall5:54 pm

    Hello Helen
    Your house and the garden en fields look lovely.I wish you much happiness in your new home.Greetings from Yolanda from Holland

  5. Thank you everyone - stupidly I didn't realise that I had comment notification turned off - so it was a lovely surprise to discover your thoughts and best wishes! I so love it here!


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