09 February 2013

Saturday 26th January 2013

(diary backdated)

Daughter Kathy was homeless for a week because of the snow and bad weather - she had stayed behind in London, intending to bring the horses down on Saturday the 19th - she finally got to Devon on Friday 25th January. Thank goodness for a smashing boyfriend who looked after her & made sure she was comfortable in a hotel near the stable yard.

During the week, Ron and I worked hard to start turning the house into "home", getting the kitchen and sitting room straight, making our bedroom comfortable, the dining room presentable. I never want to see another cardboard box again!

Highlights were two wonderful sightings! One morning we saw a barn owl hunting across our garden - and the next morning (very early) we heard a strange noise in the field next door to our back garden - I looked out and there was a red dear stag!

The weather became better here in Devon, but bad in London, so Kathy had to wait until Friday to travel down, with a friend, Aaron driving the horsebox for us.

They had a bit of a hitch at the start of the journey: We had bought a third horse a couple of weeks beforehand, because it would not be easy keeping just the two horses, Lexie and Jasper. Horses are herd animals and don't like to be left on their own & our two are friends, so it would be difficult for Kathy to ride out and leave the other behind. Therefore, we needed a companion.
Unfortunately, the new horse did not like travelling in a horsebox with other horses (apparently she is fine on her own) - a few minutes in the horsebox she panicked and went down. Kathy had to unload, get her up, reload and start again. Again Queenie panicked and almost went down - the situation was dangerous she could easily break a leg (or her neck) damage the horsebox, or the other two horses.
So again, they were unloaded & our driver, Aaron, said he could not take the mare - they had a 6 hour journey (at least) ahead of them, if she couldn't even get up the drive....
So Kathy made a snap decision. She phoned a friend who is a horse dealer & he agreed to buy her. The only other choice, sadly, would have been to put her down. Paul's a good chap though, he cares for his horses and is an honest dealer.
So, a bit delayed, Kathy set off again, with Jasper and Lexie, and boyfriend Adam following in the car)

Eventually - about 4 o'clock, they arrived in Devon!
Horses, Ron's pigeons in their basket in the horsebox and my two cats in their carry-baskets in Adam's car - was I pleased to see them all!

Ron and I had got the stables as ready as we could, so the horses were soon stabled, the cats were allowed out and went to their litter tray, then hid under my bed.

It was lovely to have everyone here at last!

On the Saturday (a lovely blue-sky day) Kathy and Aaron rode out  (Adam has yet to learn to ride)

Here are a few pics:

The full moon over our boundary hedge
Mab and Sybil sitting at the top of the stairs
Jasper & Lexie in the field

First hack

The view across the Taw Valley from our Top Field

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