25 March 2014

A sunny afternoon in the Orchard

25th March 2014
Lovely day here in Devon, although the wind is a bit chilly.

Baz & I went out into the orchard to take a photo of the Thingies (above) (Hostas???) and the Daffodils.

And we got waylaid by the hens!

(well it was a lovely day! By the time I came in, had a cuppa & piece of homemade Kathy-Cake and answered a few e-mails - the sky had clouded over & it is now chucking it down outside. :-( 


  1. Helen I love your chickens and would love to have my own, but live in an urban area. Perhaps I can find a breed that doesn't need a rooster to wake up my close neighbors! Anyhow, I love yours and the pictures.

  2. Judith, no hens need a rooster to lay eggs! We had three hens when we lived back in Walthamstow, London, they had a run that was about the size of a large shed - you can let them out in the yard/garden but they do tend to grub up the lawn & flowers! Hens can make a noise when they are laying their eggs (proudly announcing 'I am going to lay an egg'' then 'I am laying an egg' then 'I've laid an egg' - but this is only during daylight hours & I got round it by giving my neighbours free eggs!

  3. The thingies are Bergenias, otherwise known as elephants ears! Tough as old boots too!
    (Hostas are much later, and very slug prone - in our garden, anyway.) I think what you were thinking of is hellebores - same height and time of year. They come in different shades but are really lovely - worth trying a few.

  4. Oh thank you! I did know the hellebores, but I'd forgotten the name (I often forget names of people & things) I also was pretty certain they were NOT hostas, but had no idea what else they could be - so thanks, now I know and by next spring I can forget again! LOL


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