04 April 2014

Trouble in the (Hen) House

April 2014

The hens love scratching around in the garden - we've had several eggs that are too big to go in an egg box and which produce double yolks. All the yolks are a bright, deep yellow - very yummy!

Hens are intelligent creatures - and they can be a bit scary the way they fix you with those little beady eyes  and peck at anything that shines (including glasses, sparkly diamond rings and silver necklaces!)

They are direct descendants of the dinosaur raptors (think Jurassic Park!). Frankly a hen-sized raptor is just about manageable... one several feet tall - forget it!

One of The Girls is a bit brighter than the others. (Think 'Ginger' in Chicken Run!)

She has found her way round from the back orchard to the front of the house.
Where I don't want the hens because I don't want my garden scratched up. 

However.... she also discovered that the front door was open...

and then discovered that Baz favours that particular rug when he is crunching up his Bonio biscuits 
- Hen's delight! Crumbs to gobble!

Yes well,  maybe but NOT inside my living room thank you very much!
 Indignant Eviction....

'Out you go...'
'You have the entire orchard my girl....!'
The next day there was a bit of a disagreement; 
a lot of clucking and tutting and fluffed up feathers ...

This, we discovered, was the reason....

the hen pheasants had discovered the chicken's run
an act of treachery which the hens highly disapproved of 
and was somewhat akin to Russia invading the Crimea!
Urgent messages were cackled to the United Nations
The Police were summoned
Tanks and weapons were about to be amassed...

"Out! Out! Get out! Shoo!"

so another eviction had to be undertaken....

Ron: 'Hmm, quite a bit of fat on these'
Kathy: 'Easter dinner perhaps?'
Seen off by Border Patrol (perhaps for the pheasants' own good)
by Baz and the hens!


  1. L. J. Hutton11:12 am

    Hilarious what hens will do! One of my friend's hens used to come in and sit on the plate rack of her Rayburn, looking for all the world like a very realisitic teacosy until she moved! Used to freak the pants of unsuspecting visitors!

    1. The hens are so funny! Only drawback is you can't go anywhere in the orchard without an entourage following at heel! This morning I had six hens, one dog AND the cat!

  2. my Dad's pet hen used to sit beside the fire..

    1. Oh heck don't tell them that! Baz takes up enough room as it is! LOL

  3. A hen in raptor size? Shriek! *runs for cover*


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