As If We Haven't Enough of the REAL Thing...

we now also have a side saddles in miniature!

Kathy's Rocking Horse is only about 2ft high - the saddle was actually made for one of those larger wooden horses - but doesn't Mushroom look cute!

To give you an idea of the size

The saddle is made to 1/10th scale and is perfect in every detail

and a bridle - also in perfect detail

the saddle is complete with girth and balance strap!
There are only THREE of these particular saddles in existence - all made here in Devon. 
One was (I believe) presented to the Queen, and we have the other two. 

for ornamental decoration only on a rocking horse


  1. This is adorable <3 I love to see a rocking horse decked out in completely realistic tack! This set would be exquisite on a larger carved wood rocking horse.

    1. I agree, unfortunately the larger rocking horses are so expensive and take up a lot of room!


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