20 October 2013

Misty Mornings

Autumn is galloping in along the Taw Valley, bringing a subtle change to the trees and deep mists of a morning - some mornings I wake up and the valley has entirely disappeared, then as the sun gets stronger it is like a concealing veil is being slowly lifted to reveal the glories of th russets, golds and brown of October colour.

 The front garden, in particular, has been magical

after the mist - the garden is revealed:

a beautiful sky


  1. Mary Rose12:20 pm

    You have yourself a slice of heaven! I love misty mornings ...

    1. There's a sying here in Devon: 'When Adam & Eve had to leave Heaven, they came to the next best place, Devon.'
      (Mind you it isn't quite so heavenly when it's chucking it down with rain! LOL)

  2. I only see darkness in the mornings now!!

    1. 'It was a dark, misty morning t=in the heat of the Devon countryside..... ' hmmm good line as an opening for a story!


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