13 January 2013

Last entry from Walthamstow

14th January 2013

Well everything we want to take from the garden is potted up, the pigeon loft has been taken down, the tool shed cleared - ornaments and books are all dusted - 
and I have thrown out a lot of stuff.

We now await the removal men to come and pack - and then off we go to Devon. There has been a slight change of plan as snow is expected in the South, so the vendors are moving out a day early - which means we could move in a day early. Except we can't change our booked timings with Pickfords Removals.
Oh well, fingers crossed we don't get snowed out

Tuesday-Wednesday 15-16th January : removal men start packing everything up.
Thursday 17th January: Completion Day. Removal Vans travel to Exeter. We Leave Walthamstow bound for the High Bullen Hotel at Chittlehamholt, Devon

Friday 18th January: Move-in Day

I will have no internet access, so next time you hear from me I will be moved and getting settled in!

see you all soon


  1. Anonymous6:43 am

    good lucj Helen, enjoy the breka and see you soon


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