04 January 2013

So much to do!

4th January 2013

Bedding ordered for the horses - to be delivered to Windfall Farm. Must always remember to tell delivery people that it is a small lane so non-HGV ONLY.

Hotel for the last night here in London booked. (Didn't fancy sleeping on the floor)

Cattery for the cats booked. They'll hate it, but they will also hate being shut in a room, strange men in the house & the furniture walking about.

Hotel booked in Devon for the night previous to moving in.

Driver for the horsebox arranged (Kathy is to come down a day later with the neds - and cats)

New home arranged for the fish and the hens. We decided it would be less stressful to find the hens a home here in London, especially as we are not sure if there is anywhere secure from foxes to house them in Devon. I will get new Girls as soon as possible though - couldn't go back to shop-bought eggs now we've had our own!

Bought Kathy her bedroom furniture yesterday from Ikea (well she likes the place....) wardrobe, chest of drawers Futon settee bed for her designated sitting room - seemed a bit hard on the old bum to me, but I guess its softer than a horse!

I had intended to look at bookshelves as well, never got a chance.
 Still, I suppose they do have furniture shops in Devon....


  1. Ah! You lucky thing! I'd love to move to Devon. Maybe one day :)

  2. Thank you Rachel - my apologies for the response - I hadn't realised that I had notifications of comments switched off, so didn't know I had received any! Doh! :-(


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