03 January 2013

Getting Ready to Go

3rd January 2013

Christmas and the New Year has gone -seemed very strange having our last one in our Walthamstow house - our first one  was also spent in a mild state of chaos as we had only just moved in.

 I remember we had to go out and buy a roasting tin on Christmas Eve because our old one was still packed in a box somewhere.

We had some odd presents this year: Ron had a kettle, I got a toaster and Kathy got a pizza board - all for the new house.

I sorted out my wardrobe and chest of drawers today. Threw out all of one skirt and two t-shirts (that made such a lot more room! Not.)

Tomorrow I will start on the kitchen cupboards - unless it's a nice day, in which case the greenhouse gets sorted. At the moment we have more pots of plants than furniture.

Do I really need to take the pots of foxgloves and the Herb Robert -which can either be looked at as a wild flower or a weed.... ?  (comment 1st October 2013: and of which there is MORE than plenty already here in Devon! :-)


  1. I remember the chaos when I moved the boys from our house to the apartment - there are STILL boxes I haven't looked at! Good luck to you my friend!!!!!

  2. thank you Kelly - most boxes now unpacked!


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