01 July 2013

Side Saddle Show - near Okehampton

last day of June saw us at the Area 14 Side Saddle Show - lovely day, but let's face it, with  a view like that (of Dartmoor) as a backdrop, could it have been anything else?

The horses and riders were pretty cool too! :-)

and the photos speak for themselves....

Jumping Class

Historical Costume

Lexie, Kathy & me

and the fun class - carry a glass of water at walk, trot and canter - without spilling any.
Kathy came second - having only spilt half the contents!

most of the ladies did this class without the side saddle apron on - not wanting to get too drenched!


  1. Maureen8:59 am

    What elegance. Congratulations on the rosettes. A very successful day!

  2. Cheryl12:36 pm

    Helen, do you and Kathy sew your own costumes or do you buy them from some supplier? These pictures are really lovely, and I can see how riding like this seems a lot more dangerous for women.

  3. Cheryl, we bought the green velvet on e-bay and another beautiful cream silk that Kathy hasn't worn yet (daren't wear it if it looks like rain, the silk will be ruined) Her other costumes we bought from a professional seamstress who makes side saddle costumes. The blue wool habit (worn with the top hat) was also professionally made.
    Have to say, they are all quite expensive!

    Side saddle is actually safer than riding astride - have a look at the photo second to last - see how Kathy's legs are held in place by the two pommels? You can almost lock yourself into the addle, which keeps you secure.

    Side saddle (and dressage) are the only disciplines where it is permitted to ride without a safety hat, a top hat or bowler being the acceptable alternative, although if you notice, Kathy is wearing her safety helmet when jumping and for the fun class. Oh and it is not correct to wear the top hat before noon - unless royalty is present, so pre-noon you'd wear a bowler.

    A lot of side saddle riding is all about etiquette!

  4. How handsome they all look. And the riders aren't bad, either. LOL

    "Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people."
    W. C. Fields

    Seriously though, it all looks very impressive. Well done all.


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