25 July 2013

July in the Garden

a few photos of various flowers, plants and trees...

Dog roses round the shed and back gate

another clematis

Fruit - no idea what type! (apples?)
more fruit - no idea what this is either!
the Silver Birch

white things LOL
wild roses cover the hedge
anyone any idea what this flower
by the patio doors is?

I THINK this is Montbretia?
Don't know what the yellow flowers are though

BUT THIS......

Is a chocolate and strawberry gateaux that Kathy made.
It didn't last long....


  1. Hello Helen

    The flower by your patio doors is a Japanese anemone. We have the white version. They're gorgeous aren't they? They flower for ages.

    You're right about the Montbretia and I think the yellow flower is a Yellow Loosestrife. :-)

  2. Thank you Wendy - just looked it up and yes, it's yellow loosestrife! :-)


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