19 February 2013

19th February

The mist had concealed the Valley this morning - but it was interesting to see how quickly the sun burnt it off: the fields and trees behind came into view as if an eraser was being wiped gently across the scene. Where the sun was hitting everything turned to gold, as if Midas was walking past. As the frost melted (everything had a white sheen to it!) the dew turned to glittering diamonds, scattered there by fairy-dust no doubt.

We had another visitor to the 'gallows' bird feeder this morning LOL - Felix Sybilia. Sybil the cat has discovered the birds, naughty puss. Fortunately she can't reach the feeder, though I don't know how long it will take her to work out how to climb up. Hopefully the rather prickly roses growing up the posts will be a deterrent!

Pickfords have just arrived to collect all the discarded boxes and packaging - there is rather a lot of it, thank goodness for the Old Dairy which we have used as a storage space. Ron is going to use one side of it as a stock loft for his pigeons, the other side, will be for our hay.

Old Dairy (estate agent's photo)
Our new neighbours from Up Top Of Hill called round this morning with a lovely card - what nice people, Jacqueline and Kenneth. Met the neighbours from Down the Hill last week - Tony & Diane, and the neighbours from Lower Up The Hill
before that - all somewhat of an improvement on the last lot of Unpleasant Upstairs Walthamstow neighbours! :-)

Going up to the top of Bottom Field now to mark out where we want a menage put in. (Gulp at the cost of what this will be! :( ....  ) Needed for the horses of course, especially as Lexie has decided that sheep are horse-eaters and must be Avoided At All Cost. Silly horse. (she went all goggle-eyed yesterday when the deer decided to cross her field. Kathy had to laugh because the Exmoor pony gave her such a withering "for goodness sake" look!

Lexie & Jasper in Middle Field

Lexie & 'Squidgy'


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  2. So glad its going well for you. And so good to have lovely neighbours, isn't it? Makes such a difference.

  3. Mind you, Mark, any neighbour is an improvement on our previous ones!


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