27 February 2013

Sunday 24th Feb

The house was very empty without our old boy, Rum. The choice was to sit around watching TV and get bored, or go out. Despite it being a very cold wind we opted for 'out'.
The out being Instow beach.

Looking upriver (the Torridge) towards Bideford
looking towards the mouth of the River Taw
Looking out to sea
(the vague line of froth between the two land points is The Bar)
Adam, Kathy's partner (coming to live with us in Devon soon. He's been travelling down each weekend so far. Couple hundred miles & a 4 1/2 hour drive!) Hopefully the two of them will be sorting a home of their own soon - probably building one somewhere here on the 'estate' if we can get planning permission.

What? Cold? Nah.... brrrr
Must say - Adam is lovely. 
Worth waiting for eh Kathy? :-)

(let's face it, a guy who brings in two bottles of delicious red wine, then sits at the dining room table after dinner with his prospective M.I.L until 1 a.m. polishing off the two bottles between us has GOT to be worth treasuring!)

me kneeling in the sand that's
Appledore behind me
The Ripples In The Sand
and why, you might ask, were these last two photos taken? Well, it might have something to do with the cover of my latest book - the Fourth Sea Witch Voyage....

cover background photo: Simon Murgatroyd
cover designer :Cathy Helms
although Anne, who poses as my character, Tiola, is somewhat more elegant 
(and warmer) than my pose! 

and er...
notice the title?

(quick plug: available from on-line stores world wide, NOW 
- book and e-book form)

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