18 April 2013

18th April

The ride-on mower came back from being repaired (we bought the old one from the previous owner - needed a few things attended to)

well: boys and their toys!

Adam & Baz

The Patio - will have to add some hanging baskets to that blank wall
- maybe a pergola, or even add a conservatory?


Best Friends


  1. A pergola would be fantastic there on the patio!! Have that all done before I arrive for my visit will you? *laughs*

    Yes, boys with their toys....Ray painted his riding mower blue with silver ghost flames *laughs*

    LOVE the photo of the horses!!!

    1. Yes ma'am it will be done. Not sure I can tell Adam that he could paint the mower the colours of his football team....

  2. My hubby is dreaming about such a toy :o). Haha... even Baz seemed to be interested in the mower.

    Oh yes a pergola and some roses infront of it.
    Have a lovely day

    1. Already looked at the roses - have some good ideas for what ones to get!


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