28 May 2013

27th May - Full Moon and Devon Dew

Over the weekend the weather was lovely - despite a bit of a cold wind.
Our lovely neighbours from Up-The-Hill called round for a cuppa and a chat - we are so lucky to have found such nice people as new friends. (What a contrast to our last awful neighbours back in Walthamstow!) Still, you get grumpy people who have a chip on their shoulder about the rest of the human race wherever you go, don't you?  In this case, though, two lovely people with welcoming smiles and an instant offer of friendship ( readily accepted and reciprocated!) Oh and bearing gifts of fresh-picked asparagus (as my Tweet followers will know from a few days back!)

Mr Up-The-Hill neighbour kindly advised us about our encroaching brambles (yes, for regular watchers of this site, the Bramble War Continues....)

I couldn't resist trying for a photo of the beautiful full moon when I took doggo for his last walk of the day up the lane. Didn't come out too well, but never mind.

The lilac is now in full bloom

The view from my bedroom window of a morning these last few days has been stunning - so clear. If it wasn't for the fact that there are hills in the way I reckon you'd be able to see as far as Scotland
 (well OK, maybe Wales! *laugh*)

This morning, though, we had a thick "Devon Dew" as they call it down 'ere. Couldn't see a thing beyond the garden.
 I assume the rest of Devon IS still out there....?

without the mist
With the mist
Without the mist
With the mist
getting excited - and a bit nervous - 
28th May 2.15 is 
our appearance on Escape to the Country TV day


  1. Looking lovely. But what do you mean by "...well OK, maybe Wales! *laugh*)?" Surely you'd rather look at Wales than Scotland? LOL. As the poem by Welshman Brian Harris says of Wales and the Welsh:

    Your inheritance is a land of Legend,
    Of love and contrast.
    A land of beauty so bright it burns the eyes.
    Of ugliness that scars the Spirit
    As the Earth.

    Wales is an old land with wounds
    That weep in hills.
    They wept before in the bodies of men
    And in the hearts of women
    And time will never heal them.

    And, actually, you can see the Land of My Fathers from Devon on a good day.

    As we're on things Welsh, for you here's a traditional Welsh blessing:

    May the windows of your home catch the sun and its doors be open wide to friends and loved ones. May each room resound with laughter and may the walls shut out troubles and hold in warmth and cheer. May your home be filled with joy in the morning and sweet dreams at night. May it be a home where love has come to live.


  2. *laugh* yes I've occasionally seen Wales from Devon - when the 'Dew' has lifted! There's a saying about Lundy Island: "If you can see Lundy it's about to rain. If you can't see Lundy it is raining." :-)

    Thank you for that lovely blessing - I've stolen it for use elsewhere!

  3. Wonderful pictures, thank you!

    Wales will have to be on my list to visit one day.
    Your pictures of Devon look entrancing.

    best wishes

  4. Well the Welsh aren't going to like me saying this.... but Devon is just a tiny tad nicer then Wales...... don't hit me Mark! *laugh*

  5. 'Nicer than Wales' ?!! Grrrrr.......:)

    Each place is special to someone. The welsh word 'Hiraeth' means feeling a deep spiritual yearning for a place, a feeling of being rooted there, of belonging to it. In 'Daniel Deronda,' the novelist George Eliot says: 'The best introduction to astronomy is to think of the nightly heavens as a little lot of stars belonging to one's own homestead.' Go outside and look at the stars above 'Windfall Farm.' Hiraeth........

  6. I look at the stars often Mark - so thrilling to be able to see them clearer here (unlike in London where there were too many lights)

    I wonder, have you read my Arthurian Trilogy Mark? A lot of it (especially Book One, The Kingmaking ) is set in Wales.


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