09 May 2013

The Tale of Three Tails

Once upon a time in a Big Green Field there were three little lambs.
Frisky, Misky and Pisky.

 Pisky was bored.
"I'm bored," he said.
"Me too," said Frisky.
"Let's go exploring," Pisky suggested.
"Ma said we were to stay here and eat our greens," Misky objected.
"Phoo, I hate greens," phooed Pisky. "Let's go see what's under the hedge."

So the three little lambs gambolled across the Big Green Field and squinnied under the hedge.
To their surprise they found a hole.
It was a round, interesting hole.
"Hello hole," said Pisky politely. "May we squeeze through you?"
Well, the hole didn't answer, so the three little lambs took that to mean yes.

The squeezed and wiggled and wriggled - and found themselves in a lane!

It was a long Devon lane with great big high hedges, and it looked very exciting!

"Come on! shouted Pisky with excitement. "Let's go exploring like that man David Lambingstone."
"I'm not sure that we should," doubted Misky. "Ma's milk bar will be open soon and I'm getting hungry."
But the two intrepid boy lambs, Pisky and Frisky, started trotting down the lane.

"What if there's something nasty round the bend? Like wolves?" said Misky worriedly.
"Phoo, there's no such thing as wolves!" retorted Pisky. "Come on!"

So they trotted down the lane enjoying the sunshine. They stopped every so often to sniff the primroses and bluebells and to nibble the grass.
It tasted much nicer here in the lane.

They came to a little stream which trickled across the lane and stopped for a welcome drink....
When suddenly...

A blue monster came roaring along the lane!

"Oh! Oh!" cried Misky as she ran towards the hedge, "it's a wolf!"
"Oh! Oh!" cried Frisky as he ran after her, "It's a blue lamb snatcher!"
"No! No!" cried Pisky running after them, "it's only a car!"

Nevertheless, Misky and Pisky didn't listen. They were frightened and were trying to find the Hole to get back into the Big Green Field - but it had gone!
The three lambs ran as fast as they could up the lane, then tried to find another hole in the hedge.
Two people had got out of the car and were coming towards them, one was waving a big stick!

"Oh! Oh! cried Misky, "It IS a lamb-snatcher! Help, help, they are trying to snatch us!"
"Oh! Oh" cried Frisky and Pisky as they ran after her.

The two people jumped back in the car and sped after the three lambs.
"Stop! Stop!" they cried. "You mustn't run towards the main road!"

But the little lambs were so frightened they didn't hear.
Round the corner they ran, their little legs trip-trap-tripping on the lane, their little hearts going bumpety-bump-bump.
"Ma! Ma!" they called, "We're being lamb-napped!"

And then, there in front of them was the fence that kept the Big Green Field in where it was meant to be kept!
They wriggled and waggled through the gap and pop, pop, pop, were through and safe inside the Big Green Field again.
"Ma! Ma!" they all called. "Ma!"
"Baa!" Ma called back and they ran to her as quick as they could, their little tails going wiggle, wiggle, waggle.

They had a quick drink of lovely milk and then cuddled up for a long sleep in the sunshine.

"Where shall we go tomorrow?" Pisky asked just before he dozed off.

But he got no answer, for in two shakes of a lamb's tail, Frisky and Misky were already fast asleep
That was enough adventuring for one day!


Helen: Life is so exciting here in the Devon countryside. You never know what you are going to meet up the lane... I thought Ron and I made pretty good shepherds rescuing the escapee lambs and shooshing them back into their field!

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  1. Ah yes, Escaped sheep. Rambling sheep. Grazing sheep. Bleating sheep. B****y sheep.........!! LOL


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