12 June 2013


JUNE 2013

Summer has definitely arrived (although the sun has turned bashful again today and someone Up There has left the hose running again.... still, the rain is needed in the fields, just hope it remembers to stop

The Front Garden : 

we made the bark path because th lawn was getting worn
where we walk up to the stableyard
It IS a garden, even if some of it looks
more like a jungle!

What I find fascinating is that the garden and the lane changes on a daily basis. I walk up the lane, or look out the bedroom window, and discover that a new flower has bloomed, or more leaves on the trees have changed the colour of everything.

The Back Garden: 

That's Ron's new pigeon loft in th distance

From my bedroom window
see next post for A Walk Up the Summery Lane - click HERE

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  1. Oh how gorgeous!!! It certainly is changing daily before your eyes!!


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