20 June 2013

Public Ablutions in Devon!

One thing that thrills me every morning is waking up and being able to see the view outside my window without lifting my head from the pillow.

The view when it isn't raining
Well, on most mornings, that is.
Today I could see the nearest tree, but everything else was enshrouded by misty rain - which turned to a brief but ferocious downpour.

Still, with the heating on (yep, I know it is supposed to be midsummer.....) I started about the day - which involves wandering downstairs, putting the kettle on, letting the dog out, going to the bathroom, letting the dog in, giving dog his breakfast, making a cup of tea and either ambling to my study or back to bed, depending on what hour it is.

This morning it was study for a short while, then shower etc.

After getting dressed I peered out the bedroom window again - and as I watched, the gentle drizzle expanded to yet another downpour.

Several little birds scarpered quickly into the trees for urgent shelter, but one fabulous little fellow (or fellow-ess) of a swallow dived for the telephone line that comes into the house right beside the window and sat there quite happily having his (or her) morning shower!

(Stock image, unfortunately)
Oh I wish I'd had my camera! It was wonderful to watch as he/she wriggled and squiggled in the rain, plucking and pruning at his/her feathers - I could almost imagine the loofah, shower-cap and out-of tune bath-time accompanying karaoke-type song!

Then the rain stopped and he/she flew away.
Presumably for a fresh-caught-on-the-wing breakfast.

My bedroom window is the upstairs open one
on the left of the picture.
You can just see the wire coming in
across the space between
the roof above and the
right-hand extension.
And for anyone interested: it is still raining.

Happy Midsummer everyone! :-/


  1. When people complain about rain here in Wales, I remind them that it’s what makes the country so lush. My partner recently flew back from Iraq for a week’s break at home and said how he'd forgotten how fertile Britain is. He flew for thousands of miles over drab browns and khakis with very little green. Even crossing Europe, there was almost more brown then green, albeit a gentler brown than in the middle-East. And then he crossed the Kent coast: wow!. As I drove him home to Wales, he was struck by the beauty of the landscape. Cherish the rain.

    “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” Roger Miller, singer-songwriter.

    1. Totally agree Mark - but I am so pleased the rain waited until after we got our hay safely stored away!

  2. And you got in the harvest yourselves? I'm impressed.


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