02 December 2013

Another Woodland Walk 30th November 2013

Another walk in our woods - but this time through uncharted territory!

I hadn't been into this part of our little bit of woodland before because it was too steep, too overgrown and too boggy. However, by crawling under a fallen tree trunk I finally managed to get down to the banks of the upper reaches of the Windfall and walked along it
 (well OK, squelched and squished).

I also had a paddle.
And discovered my wellie has a hole in it :-(

A glorious day in Top Field

and into the woods beside the Windfall... 

I was hoping to catch the sun glistening on the water...
didn't work:-(

this is where it started to get muddy

then back up the hill a bit

Where Baz became very interested in the Badger's sett


  1. “When we lose these woods, we lose our soul. Not simply as individuals, but as a people.”
    ― Kevin Walker, These Moments Pass: Poems

  2. I took a walk in my woods tonight as well, but it was a much more somber affair since here in the US winter has arrived a little early. We still had to hose down the big white dog covered in mud.

    1. Fortunately Baz is black & shorthaired so has usually dried off by the time we've walked back down the lane home!


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