17 January 2014

A Year Around - January 17th 2013/2014

Somewhat a nostalgic post this one. 
All week I have been remembering last year, 2013, for this is the anniversary of leaving London and starting a new, wonderful, life in Devon.

One Year Ago:
Tuesday: 15th 2013 : The cats had gone to the cattery on the Monday evening. 
9a.m. Tuesday, the removal men arrived and started packing up our old home.
I remember being anxious (and excited) because this was such a huge step for us. Were we doing the right thing? Well yes, regarding buying our own house - our home in Walthamstow was rented, we'd never had the finances until our lucky windfall gave us the opportunity to have our own home.
But to move to Devon? Were we being utterly bonkers?

The removal men arrived more or less on the dot. I was dreading the next couple of days (despite the excitement) because everything was disruption, and different, and was going to be tiring and stressful.
But the removal men, from Pickfords, were fantastic.

They came in, had a quick look round - and within five minutes my home started disappearing into cardboard boxes.
I tried helping, but found I was getting in the way, so while Ron drove Kathy to the stable yard, which was about 9 miles away in Waltham Abbey, I made myself and the 'Men' a cuppa, then sat down and did some knitting.
That seems surreal now, looking back, a new take on the women at the Guillotine! *laugh*. (And I never did finish the item I was knitting! I intended to knit lots of squares, then sew them all together to make a bed throw. At the moment they would cover a very small doll's bed....)

This was not our house - I
 haven't got a photo of our old house!
But ours was similar, although end of terrace.
Wednesday 16th January 2013 : again the men arrived on time for the last lot of furniture and 'stuff'. That last night in Walthamstow had been very odd. Much of the furniture had already gone, only the beds, kitchen equipment and our clothes were left - and the 'garden' had to be packed up. The pigeons Ron took down to the stable yard. They were to live in their travel basket within the safety of the horsebox (supposedly only until Saturday.... read on tomorrow!)
Poor old Rum, our old dog was very bewildered, but he was happy to sit in the car for most of the time - best place for him so he wasn't underfoot.

Rum in our old Walthamstow garden
So the last bits went in the removal van. Ron and I had to wait for the rubbish men to collect old bits of this and that from the front garden (they didn't arrive. I had a row on the phone, they promised to come the next day - which worried me as the next day was Thursday and we'd be off to Devon. Suffice to say I assume they did clear the unwanted items.... frankly I couldn't care if they did or didn't now! )

This was my back garden & back door.
The steps are to the flat upstairs.

We had a last look round. We locked the door. Ron and I, and Rum the dog, stayed the night in a hotel in Chingford. The Ridgeway Hotel - though maybe Fridgeway would be more fitting.
My goodness what a dreadful hotel! The room was freezing (temperature had dropped to freezing during the day) the bathroom was smaller than a cupboard - and it had NO heating in it. Breakfast was four items only .... I do not recommend it!
Kathy was.... you know I can't remember where Kathy stayed. I assume with Adam.

another view of our Walthamstow back garden
with friends, Lance, Robin and James
Thursday morning 17th Jan 2013:
The overnight bags went into the car. Rum was given a quick walk in Epping Forest, and Ron and I set off for Devon. Leaving London behind for the last time.
Our home was in an enormous removal lorry, also on its way to Devon - to the Exeter base for an overnight stay.

The anxiety had gone - the last few days had been tiring, but the removal men had done their job very well, at least for phase one.

I remember looking back at the A406 as we went up over the flyover onto the M11. Looking at the dirty, smelly, overcrowded sprawl of East London for the last time... 
and that sense of freedom, and going home at last....

More tomorrow.... 

THE Anniversary of Moving In Day 
Friday January 18th 2013


  1. Anonymous5:59 pm

    I remember owen and I, having your hens and fish, that years gone so fast xxx

    1. and Owen was an absolute star with helping us to clear the garden!

  2. Has it been a year already? My how the time flies.......!


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