03 February 2014

The Lost Donkey

On Saturday, Adam and Kathy went shopping in Exeter.
Driving along, Kathy saw something lying in the road. Adam drove over it. There was a very slight bump.
I'm not sure of the next sequence of events but I assume they parked the car and walked back.

More cars drove over the thing in the road - which looked like a pile of rag.

Kathy quickly spotted, however, that it was a child's toy. And ran into the rod to rescue it (making sure there were no cars coming!)

It turned out to be a little grey, lost, bedraggled, donkey.

Kathy dusted it off and hung it up on the nearby church door-handle.

Off they went shopping. Came back a good while later.
Donkey was still there, so Kathy re-claimed him and brought him home.

I put a "Lost Donkey" advert on Facebook and Twitter - after sitting the donkey on the radiator to get warm and dry (the poor little thing was most upset, definitely crying, lost and afraid.)

(Ok its a toy.... but what do you mean it isn't REAL????)

So I gave him a cuddle and told him he could live with us if his little girl or boy wasn't found.


Next morning I was busy, so I didn't get around to checking Twitter or my emails until the afternoon -
and there it was! A thrilled message claiming Donkey!

Apparently his little girl had fallen asleep in her pushchair & Daddy hadn't noticed that Donkey had fallen out.
Mummy and Daddy had spent most of the evening scouring the streets of Exeter looking for a distraught little girl's best friend...

So friends are re-united. Though I must admit he was a lovely little Donkey. I think I'll look on e-bay to see if he has any brothers or sisters who are looking for a home.

Meanwhile Mummy was going to tell Little Girl that Donkey had gone on a brief holiday.
And here's the proof....

Eeyore on the farm
Eeyore having a sit on Squidge the pony
Eeyore meets a friend - another Eeyore

another ride on a different horse - Lexie
ready to go home - seat belt fastened


  1. Anonymous3:36 pm

    and he can tell all the other toys he's met a real author


  2. LOL - and say that he sat on her desk and helped her write the next chapter! :-)

  3. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Giraffe is jealous already!
    Eyores Mummy!!

    1. LOL - well tell Giraffe he is NOT to go leaping out of pushchairs in the hope of being picked up & taken on holiday. He can come and have a ride on the pony when the rain stops! (after all he doesn't want to get his feet muddy! Donkeys don't mind the mud!) :-)

  4. nola rice12:14 am

    Lovely story Helen. You must all feel very happy to have reunited Donkey with his family.

    1. I'm delighted Nola - although I think only parents or grown-ups who remember losing a favourite teddy can understand why!

  5. Gives a whole new meaning to 'donkey sanctuary'! (I couldn't have just left him either.)

    1. LOL yes - especially as THE Donkey Sanctuary is here in Devon!

  6. Michaef F. Marshall5:39 am

    Helen, thank you very much for telling that story. I experienced a similar even with my daughter but without similar results. I can well imagine how the parents felt.

    1. Oh dear that's sad Michael - there must be hundreds of lost toys out there, I always had a cat-collar and lead round my daughter's toy when we went out, with the lead end tied to the push-chair. Amby Lamb often got bedraggled - but never lost! (and we still have Amby Lamb - even though he is VERY ragged and my daughter is 32 this year! *laugh*

  7. Did Donkey get a photo album to take with him, to remember his adventure? Some years ago, we were visited by Pom-Pom the bunny, who went to the beach, climbed a palm tree and went home with a sombrero! (A little niece had a project for school-Pom-Pom was sent on a round-robin visit.)

    1. Well his little girl's Mummy has seen these photos, so I guess that's a kind of album! (love Pom-Pom's tale! :-)


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