30 January 2015

Ssh... spring is on its way...

... in between downpours that is...

not exactly a babbling brook -
more like a torrent.
doesn't look muddy
 very squidgy underfoot though  

The Windfall

Rising Mist in the Taw Valley
(as seen from our Middle Field)

uh oh.....:-/
...Get home quick Baz...
another thunderstorm is a-comin' o'er the hill...
The NEXT Day... 
the rain had given way to frost and a beautiful bright morning!

Middle Field Gate -
still some mist hanging in the valley

Into Top Field

and at the VERY top...
my Christmas Present

(except it was covered in frost, so I didn't sit down!)
you can just see my bench
on the other side of the gate
and what a view! :-)

Back down the lane ... and....


... oh and our little Spurs Supporter Gnome...
"Hmph. I hate being in bloomin' goal..."


  1. Great photos Helen love the bench nice to sit if you've walked up :)

    1. Thanks Libby, I'm not very good at photography as I have blurred vision so I can never tell if the photos are blurred or not!
      Yes the bench was a Christmas present from the family to put at the top of the field for me to sit on... its a bit of a puff getting up that hill!

  2. Such a peaceful view from the middle field. Lovely photos, and what a difference the clouds or sky make.

    1. I love the clouds - even the stormy ones! (and I am so thrilled that you've actually been to 'Windfall Farm' so know exactly what I'm sharing !

  3. What wonderful photos, Helen - I feel as if I've been there! xx

    1. Thank you - I enjoy sharing my tiny corner of Paradise - even if it IS wet and windy!

  4. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Wonderful pictures and I completely had to put your gnomes on my Pinterest page! Thank you for sharing! Almost as fun as your red tea pot :)

    1. LOL I'll take a better photo soon as I can - although the little chap had a bit of a mishap when the wind blew him over. He has a hole i his beard, I'll take some photos of inventive ways to hide it!

  5. Anonymous2:21 am

    Beautiful pictures! Wish I was there!

    1. Perhapsone day you can visit

  6. No wonder you love living there. What a little slice of paradise!

  7. What a wonderful slice of life! Thanks for sharing this bit of your life through photos. Love the gnome!

    1. Thanks - a Blog like this is also a wonderful way to keep hold of the memories!


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