Z is For...

...Z SHAPED (and zoom)
Tthe final day of the A-Z April Blog Challenge. It has been great fun, and thank you for joining me!
I do hope you have enjoyed the various posts I've put here during the month of April. As you have probably realised, I love my home here in Devon - to the extent that I still have a few tears occasionally when I walk down the lane and look across and see our house, or I sit on my bench in our top field and gaze at the view. Words cannot express the love I have for 'Windfall Farm'

So let me share with you what I am so grateful to have... and as I said in my G is for Ghosts post, I am well aware that the house and the land is not mine.... but I belong to the house and the land as a temporary caretaker.

The land is - very conveniently for this blog challenge  - sort of Z shaped!
Let's start with the left-to-right - this bit of the Z...

The Orchard is north-facing behind the house running west to east:

At the front of the house, the front garden and the lane beside it form the downward stroke of the Z (although actually it is a bit straighter perhaps more of  l than a / )

The garden runs north to south

 the lane  runs parallel with the front garden

left-hand side looking UP the lane
looking DOWN the lane
 at the top of the lane we have the bottom bit of the Z : the _
 This is our fields, Bottom Field, Middle Field and Top Field

 So Bottom Field and Middle Field:

Top Field
This photo & those below
taken April 28th 2015

 and finally Z is for Zoom...
a bit blurred as on full zoom
Warkleigh Church from our Top Field Gate
Zoomed views from Top Field

I so hope you have enjoyed "Leaning On The Gate" with me
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Top Field Gate
"Thank you for joining me here.
It has been a pleasure to meet old friends
and to make new ones!"

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  1. Wow!! You are lucky to be living in those glorious open spaces! Congratulations on completing the AtoZ!

    1. Thank you - I am indeed lucky, and I assure you I appreciate every bit of that luck! :-)

  2. I do think sometimes with houses, that you are meant to be there, We love our house, but when looking it was too expensive and we were buying else where, but that fell through due to insurance problems, and we saw this one and it had been reduced, we first walked in and loved it ( 6 weeks later we were in ) and ever
    since we moved here I feel "it was meant to be " We were meant to live here. I think the love you have for your house means you "were meant to be there" regardless of the route you took to get there xx <3

    1. Thank you Libby - oh most defiitely we were meant to be here - that feeling of "coming home" is just too strong!!

  3. Well done Helen, I haven't made it here as often as I would have liked but that's the A to Z for you so many people around the world to visit each day, so glad you made it to the end.

    1. Thanks Rosie Amber - I have a lot of catching up to do with other A-Zeders as well.... but that is the nice thing about blogging, once it is there it is (usually) always there!

  4. Congrats on making it to the end of the A to Z challenge! I'm envious of your pictures. I'm trying to start up a garden of my own (a new found love I've discovered), but it would still pale in comparison to the views you enjoy!

    1. Gardening can be relaxing - but I do have a confession, I have a super young lady from the village who keeps my front garden in order and as for the rest .... I'm selective with the photos! LOL

  5. Anonymous2:16 am

    Your blogs are so wonderful! I love to read them and see the beautiful Devon country side.
    I would love to win a copy of one of your books.

    1. thanks Sue - I'm glad you're enjoying my blog

  6. Rewriting as it's not a good idea to use my iPhone to write thisπŸ˜‰ Loved the idea of Z-Zigzagging around your beautiful Devon home. I'm a big fan of your writing and always enjoy your blogs. Love the energy you put in☺️ Writing a blog daily as you've done would wear me out😊☺️🐸

  7. Continued .. Got cut off in my prime 🐼 so much for not using my Applemac 🐰 yessssπŸ‘ Great blogs every one of them. A great achievement this A - Z blogging and well done to you for seeing it thro' πŸ₯ I'll have to start now in order to have it ready for 2016 πŸžπŸœπŸπŸ›πŸ’πŸπŸ”πŸ£ I shall think of you and your handsome Pirate as we celebrate Pirate weekend. Met a Pirate this morning but not argue as good looking as Your Jes..

    1. I've loved doing this challenge - and yes I think I'll start early for next year! (and no, no other pirate is as handsome as Jesamiah... not even that Sparrer Feller! LOL )

  8. Ps that shouldn't be argue should read anywhere as good looking 🌝 darned iPhone

  9. And... Lastly 🌞 have a lovely weekend strolling thro those lovely woods n grassland with May a glass/bottle of champers to celebrate all that you've achieved #welldeserved🌾🌳🌲 HH (grrrr should read maybe a bottle... Daren't trying editing on here...) ☀️

  10. One last thing... The profile photo of mine is quite intriguing - not on any profile photos I've ever used tho it is in my photo file #spooky ⚡️

  11. Your place looks wonderful in the photos. Good job on making it through the A to Z Challenge!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

    Tossing It Out


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