23 January 2016

So What's In Wet Field?

'Wet Field' runs adjacent to our orchard - it is our "Up-The-Hill" Neighbour's property. Several years ago it was known as "Goose Field" because a previous farmer kept - well, geese, on it.

The field is low-lying and overgrown because it is too wet and rough to cut back. In other words, a very suitable area for wildlife.

The field itself is beyond our boundary fence ... (the straight line of fencing and hedging) i.e that brown grassy area :

Here's what now uses Wet Field... 
(Photos by Kathy Hollick-Blee, my daughter,  one evening (about 4pm)  last week...

 spot the deer!

 except  Kathy only realised the deer were there when one moved.

She was actually taking photos of....

Our very own Barn Owl!!!!

We've some video footage as well when my son-in-law gets around to uploading it onto You Tube...

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