21 January 2017

January 20th 2017 A Beautiful Day In Top Field

Jim & the ponies
Baz Eddie & Wonky Donk


  1. Most excellent! But . . . is "Top Field" the "field on the hill," or the field north of the house? LOL

    1. Top Field is at the top of 'our' hill/land and to the North-East of the house. Very simply, the field at the top! :-)
      our land is sort of z shaped. Orchard is the top line of the Z house and front garden and stable yard the down stroke, fields the bottom line. Top Field is at the end of the bottom line. Only up quite a steep hill! (rises about 450 feet up from the house, which is already about 500 above level) i.e we are on the side of a ridge above the Taw Valley.


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