16 April 2017

The Exmoors (and Wonky Donk)

where they are meant to be....

and where they are not meant to be...

tidy up day...



    I like your ponies, Mrs. Hollick. If I ever get to merry olde England . . .

    1. Their idea of freedom is to break down fences and graze where the grass is greener (but not always suitable or safe!) All three were once wild ponies on Exmoor, the eldest, the gelding, Mr Mischief is now 12, he was brought in off the Moor as a 2 year old (can't have too many stallions running free) Siren is now almost 4, we had her at 7 months and Tanana is now a yearling, we had her at 6 months old. Again they can't have too many ponies out running wild because the Moors would get overgrazed. They have a 'round up' every Autumn where the colts and not so well bred ponies are sold and some of the quality fillies if good sensible homes are available - especially people like us who know horses and want to preserve and promote the breed. The genuine Exmoor is very close to being on the endangered species list.


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