12 February 2013

12th February

Quick entry today as I've been busy sorting out the spare room: sorting out Ron's racing pigeons via two lovely visitors, Cindy and Don, local pigeon racing people who have set Ron on the right path to start racing here. Sorting out one very naughty horse - Lexie - who decided she doesn't like sheep so would NOT go up the lane. I ended up walking with her. Not easy as she is big and I have a stiff hip and aching knees. Couldn't leave daughter Kathy to struggle on her own though - even if she is a very good rider! Then I had to sort out British Telecom who were re-directing my phone calls to a wrong number... FINALLY managed to boot the computer up at 8 pm.
I HAD intended to start writing the next book today.... sigh. I also have a Blog Tour for the recently published book  Ripples In The Sand to get under way.

Ripples is set in Appledore and Instow, by the way.... now just up the road from where I live!

I must add.... I am thoroughly enjoying listening to BBC Radio Devon. Love the morning shows, and listening late at night. I was actually dancing round my beautiful bedroom this morning while getting dressed to a Robbie Williams track - thank you Judy Spiers for starting my day with a happy smile (I haven't jigged about for ages!)

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