11 February 2013

11th February

It was my turn to get up and feed the horses this morning. Now people who know me will know that I am not an early morning "lark" person, I've always been more of a late-night owl, but getting up at 7.30 to walk up the garden to feed the neddies their breakfast is a huge pleasure. (Mind you, the novelty might wear off!)

This morning there was a double pleasure.

I got up, looked out my bedroom window - and the mist wandering up the valley was absolutely gorgeous! It really was just like the breath of a dragon stalking the valley, or an ethereal magical spell being cast.

Anyway, here's the pictures:

This was the view from my north-facing bedroom window this morning at 7.30 a.m. 
(The silver thing hanging from the "gallows" is a bird feeder)

Looking north-eastward across next door's field
(where we saw a red dear stag a short while ago)
This is the north-facing bedroom window

Mab on my bed watching Sybil coming in
the south-facing window - you can just see the greenhouse
 with stables behind
Mab looking out
Our dining room
Note the wine rack - made from the sections of clay piping that I found in the shed! 
The view at breakfast!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Just like I imagine country life to be. Now I want to move to England.

  2. Thank you Ursula - I love it here in Devon!


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