10 February 2013

10th February

Our first official visitors today, my cousin Jane & husband Barry (though I think technically Jane is a cousin once removed, or something - though as I pointed out, I'm the one who moved! LOL)

We had a lovely day, great to chill out & just sit & chat in front of the blazing log burner.

Nice lunch - cheese scones, ham, salad, pure clear water from OUR well (I did offer wine & we also had tea, but our guests wanted to try the water - it beats bottled water I can tell you!)

Talking of water - I now know how the adverts manage to get away with saying that clothes come out the washing machine soft and fluffy with brand xxxx . The laundry was never soft or fluffy in London - one wash here in Devon & clothes, towels etc feel gorgeous and you don't need much washing powder. Ditto shampoo - only need a tiny bit, plus my hair is now so soft I don't need conditioner any more.

One further thing - our car insurance has gone down by over £100.

Yep,  am really liking Devon (despite all the rain!)

our cosy living room

(image will have to be updated - we have now got round to hanging our
pictures on the walls & setting out ornaments etc)


  1. Somehow I imagine you sipping mead in front of that fire. Hearty congratulations, again, on your new home!

  2. Sipping the Devonshire cider! LOL


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