09 February 2013

Saturday 9th February

so here we are - diary updated!

snowdrops on the bank outside our front gate
and along our drive

The house is now definitely home - and I love it here in Devon. I still can't believe that we are living in such a beautiful place, or have such a fantastic house - we are still in a dream. Every time I walk down the drive I think "That's MY home!"

Today, Ron and I went for a lovely walk over the field to our woodland,. to see our stream.

It hasn't a name, so I have called it the Windfall.

Here are some pictures of our walk:

you can't see it clearly, but beside the walking cane
 is a paw print of a badger
 (yes, we have a badger sett in our woodland)

looking down on the Windfall Waterfall

The Windfall stream

The Windfall


  1. Helen

    What a fantastic place. I remember my feeling of disbelieving joy when we moved to a farm in Carmarthenshire and walked across our fields and through our wood. Nothing to do with ownership, everything to do with place and timelessness. You have lost your heart to 'Windfall Farm' and will never get it back. :) Best wishes to you all for peace and contentment.

  2. Thank you Mark - I so love it here (had a few tears the other day, all so overwhelming!)


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