14 March 2013

13th March

Bit miffed that our Down The Hill Neighbours must have had a delivery of something in a huge lorry a few days ago because the corner of our drive, which adjoins the lane, has been messed up.

Not that I mind - this is the country and in narrow lanes the banks occasionally get squashed, but some of the primroses got damaged and there are now scrape-marks all along the bank on both sides.

OK, it happens, but I'm gruntled (i.e. not exactly dis-gruntled) because I strongly got the feeling, when first we moved in, that the neighbours were not too happy about our horse-box going up and down the lane - because of the damage it might cause.
Hmm, Ron is a very good driver, unlike whoever this guy was!

You can see here how close even more plants came to being squashed flat
I've put the stones where the greatest damage was made
to alert future drivers to keep clear.

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