14 March 2013

14th March

Ron was working hard today - he decided to give the 'lawn' a bit of a cut. We still haven't got the ride-on mower fixed yet, so he managed with the electirc mower. Sort of did the job, but I think it was a bit hard going.

Ron at work in the orchard
I picked a lot of the daffodils yesterday because the recent high winds had battered them all down, such a shame as they had looked so lovely, still, there are a lot of buds yet to bloom. The primroses are almost finished - the snowdrops are going to seed, but the violets are out, and lots of other flowers names of which I haven't a clue!

anyone know what these are?

I'm especially pleased with myself as I've lost a few pounds in weight and I can now walk up the lane to Top Gate without having to stop for oxygen (well, to get my breath)
And when I say UP the lane, I mean up, you're talking just under 1/4 of a mile up hill.

Looking down our drive
 - the wooden building is the back of the stables
Today was a lovely sunny day - although the wind was very cold. I've been trying to ensure that I have a good walk every day - yesterday I went further, about half a mile to the junction with the lane that leads to the village to collect the recycling boxes. Our lane is too narrow for the dustcart, so all refuse has to be taken to the collection point.

our home...looking through the hedge along the lane
and looking back at where I took the photo
 from our front garden - the foreground hedge is our boundary,
that's next door's field with the hedge along the lane in the distance
As soon as we can get Squidgy broken to harness I'll be driving up in the pony & trap.
And talking of Squidge...  here's a new, equine version of Leaning On The Gate!

'Is it time to come in for dinner yet?'

Must get my new camera sorted - it seems to be registering the wrong date :(


  1. Hi Helen
    What a lovely place to live! I just found your lovely blog over Twitter. The plants name your're looking for is Helleborus orientalis. I've got many of them in my garden too and I just love them.
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  2. Thank you Alex for identifying the plants! They are really pretty - although a bit wind-battered at the moment.
    Glad you enjoyed stopping by on my Devon Diary - if you click the subscribe window (top left) you'll automatically receive updates.

  3. Helen, it is looking just beautiful. What a shame if a new man came into your life, so you had to write a new set of books, or could it be a woman? Maybe the life of a simple village wife through the changes wrought after Harold lost?

  4. Good suggestions Jel... I do have in mind setting a future book here!

  5. Wonderful pictures, thank you!
    You also have the nice spring and summer to look forward to.

    best wishes

  6. Yes Sandra - and the beauty of autumn colours!


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