16 March 2013

16th March

Ron & I went to the Dog's Trust centre in Ilfracombe/Braunton and collected our new friend - Baz.

LOL hadn't noticed the painted toes!
They're not my feet, photo taken by my daughter!
He was found abandoned as a stray, spent over a week at the dog pound, and as no one had attempted to find him, was moved to the Trust, where a new home would be found.

He is microchipped, but when the registered people were contacted they said "We'd given him away to a new home". Frankly, a likely story. My guess is, for one reason or another they just dumped him. (Probably because he is now big & bouncy & needs a lot of exercise - or they were going off on holiday, or something)

Anyway, our gain.

After a short talk about his medical history, when he needs his next jab, general care etc, we set off for home. He was very reluctant to get in the car: we were strangers, he was frightened, but one of the Trust assistants lifted him in & we set off. The journey would be about 40 minutes. Half way, he up-chucked in the back of the car. To be expected - as far as we knew he might never have been in a car before, plus the nerves etc. Didn't matter, we'd put down old blankets.

He had a sniff round at home, was quite happy to go on his bed - loved the log fire.  Wasn't sure f the horses - Sybil the cat (at the moment confined to upstairs where Baz is not going to be allowed) saw the Dog, fluffed up, hissed and sat on the landing, scowling, down the stairs. Mab has decided to stay under the bed.
They have a litter tray, food & water in the upstairs bathroom, though, so will be perfectly OK. If they want to go out, they'll have to pluck up courage, stick two fingers up at The Dog & come downstairs. (They're actually fine, just a bit affronted. "Meow. What do we want another DOG for???"

Baz was fine over night. He settled n his bed, curled up & went to sleep. Didn't hear a peep out of him!

Adam & Baz
This morning Adam has taken him for a walk up the lane & Ron is, as I type this, leading Baz round the back garden, discovering all the sniffs and smells.

He's a lovely dog. I think is already a best friend.

Follow up posts about Baz:

a photo of Baz taken in late May - one very happy dog!


  1. Oh fantastic Helen!! Sounds like Baz was in the same situation my Dex was. He's going to have such a lovely life now - what a wonderful addition to your family!! :-) x

  2. Anonymous11:44 am

    wellcome to the Hollick family Baz,you are a lucky boy now xxx sue...x

  3. Anonymous11:52 am

    How wonderful Baz has found a loving and happy forever home, especially after being treated so cruelly! (Aren't the Dogs Trust brilliant!)

    He's absolutely gorgeous and looks like he'll be a character! Congratulations on your lovely new family member!

  4. Bravo, Helen! We have a shelter fur friend too. He's become a part of our family here at the manor. Your home looks much like ours as I can see it from these photos. I would loved to have linked up with you in Devon, but somehow we lost contact. We stayed for a few days in Nuneaton and Coventry areas, and then down to Cote in Swindon, Stratford, Bath, and finally Salisbury before we made our way back to London on 7 March. Two weeks in England gave us a good sniff around. Baz would like that! Cheers! ~ Freda

  5. Congratulations on the new friend and member of the family! He's a real cutie!!! And the cats will adjust...eventually *laughs*

    Ray and I look forward to meeting him some day whenever we get back over for a visit!

    Keep us posted on his progress and take lots more photos!!

  6. thank you everyone. Baz is now stretched out asleep in front of a blazing log fire while Ron watches the horse racing on TV. He's got the runs a bit (LOL - Baz that is - not Ron!) but he'll have some rice and chicken for dinner mixed with the dry dog food the Trust gave us (which he doesn't like much, so we'll gradually wean him onto something he does like) I'm just waiting for this next batch of sleety rain to pass by then we might go for a walk up the lane. Thank you all for your best wishes!

  7. Hey, that's absolutely great! Some time ago I helped as a volunteer at an animal shelter and I'm happy for every pet who finds a new home on this way. I would wish there were more people like you and Ron. Baz sure will have a life like in heaven and he earns it. Give him a big belly rub.
    Have a lovely weekend

  8. Thank you Alex - we've had a couple of dogs from sanctuaries now (Rum, the dog we lost a few weeks back was a rescue dog. He had 11 long, happy years with us after a cruel and wicked start in life). We also have an ex racehorse that has been re-homed after finishing his racing career.

  9. Freda - so glad you enjoyed your trip to England. NEXT time, you must come to Devon! :-)

  10. How amazing that we also adopted a dog this ast week from the local shelter.....so happy you have a furry companion for walks..its better than retrieving the mail alone.....grin
    i hope your new one gives you as much joy as ours is...albeit ours is much smaller...


  11. Congratulations on your new friend! He has a lovely smile.

  12. thank you Diane & Lauren - he seems to be settling in OK (despite a couple of accidents on the carpet :-(

  13. Pamela Mann8:59 am

    Aaaah! Baz looks just lovely and he's very lucky to have you all as his new family. Pamela

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  15. Glad to read of Baz's arrival. An old friend of mine has kept, and trained, many a dog. Once when I asked why she's so fond of them, she said: "dogs are either happy or waiting to be happy." True. And in being so they make us happy too. Many happy days with Baz.

  16. Baz is an absolute darling! And Mark - hope you don't mind but that is such a fabulous quote "dogs are either happy or waiting to be happy" .... can I steal it for my monthly journal quote?


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