18 March 2013

18th March

Ron and I sat out on the North Terrace with our morning cuppa this a.m. It was a bit chilly, but I had my warm fleecy dressing gown on (yep, hadn't showered or dressed, tea comes first!)
(The North Terrace is a grand term for the back garden patio! :-)

We heard the woodpecker, the pheasant, lots of little birds; the Tarka Line train clacketing past from Exeter to Barnstaple, someone using a chain saw, a tractor, a dog barking, a cockerel crowing, a peacock (! yes, a peacock) sheep bleating (including lambs) and a buzzard.

An improvement on the traffic on the A406 back in London!

And I haven't updated on yet another new addition!
We now have four horses!

L-R: Squidgy, Lexie, Jasper, Ishi
The four Musketeers
(or should that be Cavaliers? LOL)

Adam (Kathy's OtherHalf) was part owner of a racehorse. Her name, Ishi.
On advice from the trainer the syndicate decided to retire her... so guess who ended up giving her a home?

L-R: Squidge, Lexie, Jasper, Ishi

Her name is Ishi. We'll be letting her 'chill' for a few months, just relaxing in the field, then will ride her & unteach all the racing stuff she's been taught.

Kathy jumping the Exmoor pony, Squidgy
Oh and Baz (the dog) has finally learnt that the toilet is outdoors, not on my carpet (understandable because he is very bewildered and a little nervous) but he is settling in well and beginning to relax. He is stretched out by my feet as I write this, sound asleep and snoring!


  1. So glad you are still embracing the life, Helen :)

  2. Oh embracing it in full hug mode Jan! LOL

  3. I love hearing about you, your family and your animals aka family. What a lovely post as always.

  4. thank you Gollygilly :-)


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